Success Traits Training Workshops

Making sure that your child is on the right track.

Globalisation and technological advances are making the future workplace very different from how we know it. No longer will grades and academic results remain the most important factor that will determine the success of your child.

Is your child flexible, resilient, creative, resourceful and socially competent enough to meet the demands of the future workplace? These are just some of the qualities that Forbes has identified as some of the most important skills required for the children of today to be successful in the future.

At Brain Wrek, we call these qualities Success Traits.


Junior Classes

Enrol your child in our Success Traits Grooming Workshop, where he/ she will be exposed to and learn what each success trait entails and how they can be applied in the real life setting, in school and at home. Your child will be given progressive and fun training in groups, where they will learn and improve on their success traits.

Workshops are available for children from 6-12:
Junior 1: 6 – 9 years old
Junior 2: 10 – 12 years old


How does it benefit the Juniors?

Our junior lessons are divided into semesters. In each semester, our students will learn 10 important success traits including resilience, flexibility, resourcefulness, assertiveness and leadership across 12 sessions (lessons). Each lesson is 2 hours and consists of structured games, activities and to-do-outside-classroom lists that will enable students to understand, assimilate and internalize each trait progressively. After each semester, children can then progress to the next level where they will learn more advanced stuff about each trait. Our programme and curriculum is designed to help students understand, apply and consolidate these 21 Century skills in the classroom, in school, at home and outside home.

One feature of the workshop is that we believe in parental participation. Parents can help train their children in success traits using real home-based and life examples and give their children grades using our easy-to-understand workbook.


Senior Classes

Workshops are available for children from 13 up. Whilst we still reinforce the importance of success traits, the focus of our senior classes is in the development of thinking and strategization skills.

Our senior lessons are divided into semesters. There are 12 lessons in each semester. Seniors earn badges by completing thinking modules and progress to the next level.


How is Brain Wrek’s Success Traits Profiling different from common profiling methods?

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