Success Traits Profiling

Modern challenges are different from what it was.

The current trend in global education is moving towards holistic development of the individual. It is no longer a secret that traits such as flexibility and resilience are going to be important markers of an individual’s success in the years to come, in the face of global challenges.


Academic success is definitely not enough for your future success!

Our Singapore government is encouraging citizens to grow and adapt and changes in the education system to reflect this need are apparent. The children of today must learn and master success traits to do well tomorrow.

No longer is IQ or EQ relevant. The possession of these traits such as cooperation, flexibility, resilience and ability to strategist (amongst other traits) is so important that even the Forbes magazines came up with a list of traits that they believe every individual should have.


What are some of the Success traits required for the 21st century?

Resilence – In the face of adversity (failure), can you remain steadfast and persevere?

Flexibility – If this is going towards a dead end, do you have the competence to switch to a new path?

Resourcefulness – How many different weapons do you have to take down the Great Wall of Challenges?

Ability to delay gratification – In today’s society, consumerism encourages everything to be fast. Faster data, faster results, immediate purchase. However, in real life, sustainable success doesn’t come fast and requires hard wor, can you raise to the occasion?


Some challenges of tomorrow

Ignorance – Do you still hold onto obsolete concepts that were once buzzwords? Are you still one of those who believe that IQ and EQ are relevant today?

Globalisation – A world without borders means more collaboration. Can the smartphone-can’t-interact generation keep up?


What is individual profiling?

What’s Success Traits Profiling Processes going to be like?

What if my child needs additional help?