Success Traits Profiling Flow

Step 1: It all begins here, the very first step.

Contact us for an appointment for the 1-1 profiling session. The profiling session can be conducted at our site for children above 8 years old.

For children below 8, we recommend that the session be conducted at your residence as younger children may underperform in an unfamiliar environment.


Step 2: Make payments

Making it easier for modern day parents. We adopt online payments for your convenience.


Step 3: One site 1 to 1 assessment

Our psychologist will perform an assessment with your child. Your child will be asked to perform simple tasks that will test him or her in various traits.

This process takes about 45 minutes and no longer than 60 minutes.


Step 4: Customized report

It is our promise and professional standard to send you your child’s report via email, within 5 – 7 working days of the profiling.


Step 5: Full consultation with the parents

Set a date to have a debrief and discussion session with our psychologist to discuss the implication of the report and how you can help to support your child from the luxury of home and otherwise.

How is Brain Wrek’s Success Traits Profiling different from common profiling methods?

What if my child needs additional help?


How to improve myself as a parent?