Mass Success Traits Profiling

Humanity has progressed way beyond the traditional formats.

We have progressed into an era where social competencies are considered critical to one’s success. And social competence here is not synonymous with EQ. According to Forbes’s list of 21-century skills to develop, it includes collaboration, leadership and the ability to be a good follower.


How to become “valid” again in this modern society and age?

The most valid way to measure social competence is through authentic social activities. Our mass profiling battery can help to assess your child’s ability to perform in simulated social contexts.


What are the variables that are considered?

Which of the 5 leadership types does your child belong to? Can he or she perform optimally in the presence of other strangers of the same age(In psychology, we call this the social facilitation effect)? Can he or she assert himself or herself in the face of opposition? We will be able to give you a comprehensive report on these alongside a simple overview of his or her main individual success traits (such as resilience and resourcefulness).


The Availability?

We will have 4 mass profiling sessions every month (2 for children between 7- 9 and 2 for children between 10-14, watch our website for dates and more information).


How is Brain Wrek’s Success Traits Profiling different from common profiling methods?

What’s Success Traits Profiling Processes going to be like?


What if my child needs additional help?