Individual Success Traits Profiling

Personality and the presence of success traits are more reliable predictors of future success.

Gone are the days where parents overlook the importance of success traits and personality preferences of their children. Research in Education and Psychology has shown consistently that the future success of children, whether academic

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or otherwise, is a function of success traits and personality, alongside other variables such as schools and enrichment programmes.


Academic success does not future-proof your child’s future!

Many parents place an extremely high emphasis on the academic success of their children. While some students do benefit from these programmes, thousands of students do not improve at all. The reason is simple, these students may not have mastered the success traits or have inherent personality preferences. Such as, carelessness or stubbornness, which hinder them from doing well in academics, in personal development and/or everything.


How can we help you and your child?

At Brain Wrek, we specialize in giving your child an assessment to ascertain your child’s level of competence in each success trait and their dominant preferences. From the assessment results, we will be able to recommend intervention workshops and targeted activities to rectify any problem at its source. With the right intervention, your child will not only show improvement in their studies and overall development. They will also be able to master success traits that can help them cope with the challenges of the 21st century and beyond.


Our Promise

In a nutshell, Brain Wrek offers parents a new paradigm in parenting. We analyze your child’s preferences and mastery of success traits from ages 4 through 18 and give you an accurate perspective on how to help your child in his journey to success. Along the way, expect better relationship with your child. As you’ll learn more about them.


How is Brain Wrek’s Success Traits Profiling Different from Common Profiling Methods?

What’s Success Traits Profiling Processes going to be like?

What if my child needs additional help?