Ever tried to run a rewards programme for your children but ran out of steam?

Sometimes this fails because parents are doing it totally wrong. However, if administered consistently and correctly, the TEP can and has been known to produce dramatically positive results.


Quick, simple and crafted specifically to fit your busy schedules seamlessly.

Our programme is divided into 2 parts. Specifically programmed to work with today’s very busy and stressful parents.


You’ll be surprised by how much you can do as a parent!

Part 1:
Learn how to run a true TEP like a psychologist at our parental workshops. You might be amazed at what a well planned and delivered TEP can do for your child or children.


We’re able to be part of your family.

Part 2:
Too cumbersome for you to manage? You can let us administer the programme for your children.


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What’s Success Traits Profiling Processes going to be like?


What if my child needs additional help?